Leading virtual teams in a multicultural context (English)

Contenido del curso

  • Key features of virtual teams.
  • Managing communication and the typical relational dynamics of a virtual context.
  • The cultural and linguistic factor of virtual and multicultural teams
  • How to effectively delegate, coordinate and organize time and responsibilities
  • Monitoring work and supervision techniques for activities and results
  • Definition of routines and good practices for virtual teams
  • Types of meetings: planning, daily, weekly, retrospective and one-to-one
  • Leadership skills: how to perform key coaching and negotiation skills

¿Para qué?

  • Achieve more efficient coordination of virtual teams.
  • Implement constructive interdependence through inclusive leadership.
  • Achieving motivated and focused teams.
  • Knowing how to clearly communicate objectives and results.
  • Encouraging proactivity and commitment at both individual and team level.
  • To promote relationships of trust and collaboration in a virtual context.
  • To bring together people with different cultures and languages.
  • To promote a common and coherent working method.

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