Trainer of trainers (English)

Contenido del curso

  • Self-awareness and emotional self-management.
  • Staircase of learning.
  • Prior knowledge to training.
  • Fundamental pillars of training.
  • Training planning.
  • Preparation of the content.
  • Training techniques and tools.
  • Learning styles.
  • The VAK: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic.
  • Concepts of language.
  • Feedback.

¿Para qué?

  • Learning methods and tools for structuring, planning and organising training.
  • Learning and/or developing leadership and communication skills.
  • Appropriate management of contingencies and obstacles.
  • Knowing how to interpret and assess our audience
  • Managing all training action, phases and procedures
  • Knowing how to adapt training to suit the audience.

Próxima convocatoria e inscripción

  • Fecha y horario: Flexibles.
  • Opciones de curso: Masterclass (2 horas), curso corto (8 horas), curso extenso (16 horas).

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