Time and productivity management

Contenido del curso

  • Concept of time and its features.
  • Self-knowledge: values and beliefs in relation to time management.
  • Tools for effective time management.
  • Behaviors: perfectionism and procrastination.
  • Goal-oriented work and Deming´s wheel.
  • Prioritization of tasks and activities.
  • Tools for planning and creation of new habits.
  • Effective meeting structures.
  • The time thieves: internal and external.
  • Delegation: benefits and methodology.
  • Control, analysis and recordingof our time and work.
  • Personal and professional effects of good time management.

¿Para qué?

  • Be more efficient and effective.
  • Identify and remove obstacles for proper time management.
  • Structure and conduct effective meetings.
  • Learn to delegate properly.
  • Learn how to perform realistic and effective task scheduling.
  • Identify and perform key tasks for achieving goals.
  • Gain time and make use of effective time.
  • Reduce stress and other negative conditions.

Próxima convocatoria e inscripción

  • Fecha y horario: Flexibles.
  • Opciones de curso: Masterclass (2 horas), curso corto (8 horas), curso extenso (16 horas).

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